This track only to be found on the ‘Tower of song’ U.S. Compilation needed a bigger audience,,,,Here it is.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • This is one of those remakes where it is better than the original and I am
    a HUGE Leonard Cohen fan as well. Martin’s version just captures it so
    beautifully. HUGE Depeche Mode fan as well. Been with them since the

  • This ranks with my very favourite Depeche Mode songs even though it’s MLG
    solo and a cover. Almost too beautiful to cope with.

  • I’m keeping this on repeat for 3 hours now. Amazing song!

  • High five;) I love Depeche Mode and Leonard Cohen. Martin Gore in this song
    is a perfect combination for me.

  • spasibo, dziekujemy, thank you, aciu labai . nice martin forever

  • Thanks for another great song. You always seem to know about the underrated
    gems to be found in their catalog.

  • All right, I finally found it. Sorry to ever doubt your vast knowledge.
    Accept my humble apology.