Martin Gore - Countourfeit e.p Full Album.wmv

1.- Compulsion 00:00 2.- In a Manner of Speaking 5:38 3.- Smile in The Crowd 9:52 4.- Gone 14:57 5.- Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth 18:30 6.- Motherles…

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  • Obrigado Patricia andei procurando esse álbum no Brasil e não achei.

  • oh fuck! somoeone said ” my mom loves martin” how old am i?

  • FUCK LOVE THIS got me SO laid this album brings back mad memories i wanna sniff my fingers…

  • Спасибо, Патрисия!
    Thank you for this Classic, Pat! :)x

  • Muchas Gracias Patricia por compartirlo con los fanaticos que no pudimos hacernos con uno de estos EP’s, Me gustaria aclarar, que esto es solo para fans casi!!

  • ¡ Solo habìa oìdo la primera !
    ¡ Ahora ya conozco el LP completo de Martin !

  • Patricia thank you so much for making this epic album available! I have the original but I am so glad that it’s here as a testimonial and a refusal to fall into oblivion. This kind of powerful melancholy and romantic music is hard to find to today. So strong… brings back so many memories. Muchas gracias! Beso!