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  • HAHA…dont worry 2 much its Martin! Viva seemed pretty modest about it.
    She’s got morals, she’ll be ok!

  • eh,dont know,someone told me it her name was Ava,so i went by that,but i
    dont know much about his kids,i know one of them is in a band,thats about
    it. :-)

  • Ok Martin is a musician HIRED to sing. He is getting PAID. He cannot let
    her sing the whole thing. Breech in contract. Believe me, he would if he
    wasn’t working. Martin is not selfish or ill-willed towards his children.
    Be careful what accusations you throw out,they are VERY offensive and it’s
    none of your damn business anyway! Lets go through this slowly: 1) Martin
    Gore is a human being. 2)He is employed to sing. It’s a real job. 3) He is
    a good father. Not your place to criticize his parenting

  • The Nick Cave song – “Loverman”. They´re do it real well =)

  • WTF?! That’s just messed up! Come ON! I’m sure NO father would EVER allow
    their child to be a part of their work/career! He likes his family to be
    involved because he loves them and wants to share with them something that
    means a lot to him. He does not have any kind of “rich bitch” attitude!
    Martin is very down to earth and leads a very normal life, as do the rest
    of his family! DAMN! And seriously, the hell if it’s any of YOUR business!

  • Hes not hogging the mic, shes not stepping up- prob a bit intimidating in
    front of a crowd. She looks to be around 15 yrs old or so.

  • Thanks to Nick Cave, Martin Gore wouldn’t have had this cover to sing.
    Thanks to Martin Gore, for using his beautiful voice to cover this song,
    and for his boldness on stage, despite the comments about his daughter
    singing (such and such lyrics) and Martin “Hogging the mic.” Someone always
    seems to find something to criticize.

  • You’re right, but I prefer a resource based economy (RBE) to an unfair,
    enslaving monetary system, cause in an RBE you can make your own music,
    arts and whatever you want nearly all day long without making any great
    compromises or long thinking, how to sustain your life quality.

  • I guess, YOU don´t no much about Martin and his SPIRIT ?!