In a manner of speaking ( original version written by Tuxedomoon ) In a manner of speaking I just want to say That I could never forget the way You told me e…
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  • i remember in highschool, noeone understood what i was listening to…now they understand :)

  • I honestly thought this song was an old 60s number sung by Dusty Springfield or something, and then I discovered it was actually written by Tuxedomoon! I have a soft spot for Martin Gore’s voice, but Winston Tong’s delivery is equally powerful. Really beautiful, sad song. I love this interpretation of it.

  • I just can’t explain how much in love I am with this song. I totally love the Tuxedomoon version, it held my hand in so many situations of my life and dEpEchE modE, well, no words how genius these musicians are. Martin Gore took this realm of senses this song is and made it ever bigger. Thanks, just thanks for the feelings…

  • In a manner of speaking Semantiks won’t do
    In this life that we live we only make do
    And the way that we feel might have to be sacrificed”It’s the naked truth!!!

  • My journey with Depeche Mode started from that song. I was 16 years old, rebel man.

  • Да, Март, ты просто обалденный музыкант! Сколько лет прожито и сколько пережито под твои песни…

  • he takes my breath away, and fills my heart with warm happiness

  • . In a manner of speaking… Martin L. Gore … Amazing…

  • hane not heard this song for years.! thanx for the recall.