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  • Martin Gore seems like such a decent guy.

    I have such respect for DM.. Listening to them makes me appreciate just what hardworking, creative people can produce.

  • me and martin do they same, its called channeling. you take in information from other places

  • I saw DM live a few days ago, and it completely broke my heart when Martin began singing Home and all these terrible fucks started walking out for a break. Are you fucking kidding me? Martin is just as amazing as Dave.

  • i think he has a girlfriend. her name is adelle linau. she looks much younger than him; i hope she doesnt break his heart.

  • Does anyone know if he is involved with someone realtionship wise? I knew he got a divorce awhile back and was just curious

  • Who can moan about Depeche Mode?!? You must be the saddest son of a bitch to moan about Depeche Mode! They are such a unique combination of talents on the stage – amazing! We are all very lucky to have them and all still alive (that one was for Martin)

  • Mart cracks me up!!! He’s always worrying about He used to worry about dying on stage.

  • MART! YOU ARE GENIUS!!! you know , can’t make everybody happy; so, let them moan…and jealous ;-)

  • Nice interview, I have yet to meet him in person, but he seems very genuine. Brilliant lyricist!

  • He is amazing, Crazy face but absolute genious and extremely kind person!

  • Glad to hear that Mart doesn’t mind the moaners…but a Ben Hillier hate site? That’s funny:)

  • Glomerol, these guys are musicians whether they make money or not. There is absolutely no denying the talent of Martin Gore & Co. Unless you have no ears and 1 brain cell. You want to see a commercial product then take a look at X Factor etc. DM rule!!

  • Martin, your music is commercial. There is a profit intent within this sociopolitical context, thus, less pure from a particular artistic standpoint. I suspect it would be better outside of this profit context. (Maybe when you retire or pass away and your private, unknown cache is discovered). That’s why I have avoided DM and profit-intent music in general for quite some time.
    Why, at least, exclusively, rely on corporations to choose your music for you?
    CBS? Corporate media? Meh.

  • Great to hear Martin doesn’t give a shit about “the moaners”.