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  • Im 34 and love too many bands, all being from the 20th century as im a vinyl junkie. Ive loved synth pop for many years now’ but still a few that ive not really focused on enough, such as depeche mode. Guess im lucky to be able to listen and love these incredeble musicians, and some for the first time. cuz anything thats new21century is a pile of pooh in the pLop world for only two years from today thats all forgotton about tomorrow. DEPECHE MODE ARE MUSIC GENIUS, SPEAK AND SPELL

  • The man with wings mr Martin Lee Gore the Best song writer in the World depeche mode are also the Best band in the World been a devotee fan of dm since 1984 and i,m a fan of Them for life

  • yes, and he and the female journalist went also to Dave Gahan’s home in NY and interviewed him.
    The interview is on youtube, look for it, I can’t link it here, sorry…

  • DM 101 was one of the first ¨Reality Movie¨ to make in the world.Brilliant:-)

  • Also been my fave since 1984! I remember “falling in love” with Martin after seeing a photo of the band in “Tiger Beat”. He was so gorgeous that it hurt my eyes to look at him. Martin, please go back to using more synths! That’s what made your band famous, and I so miss the old sound. Your song writing is brilliant, keep it up!

  • the rose bowl was their 101st show of the MftM tour, or so alan said. martin says so right in the interview

  • So shy in an interview but such a presence on stage….go figure!

  • a fan since 1983 . Martin writes truly beautiful lyrics, truly understated

  • 101 was in reference to a baseline class as in naming a college course. For instance English 101 or Econ 101. It was a way to teach the masses about DM. Here is your course, take it and learn from it. This is what I read into it anyway.

  • It`s kind of hard not to see Martin as a very nice person.

  • it`s from the 101 dvd,so it`s the people behind the whole 101 release that has come back for a little chat about that time in 1988 when the mode made it big in the cinema. :-)

  • I recognize those people- I met them when I was 13 at the l.a. premiere of 101 Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker (who also directed Dont Look Back)