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  • Excellent version of one of the finest Marc Bolan songs. Well choosen and

  • If Marc Bolan had lived, Martin Gore is the type of artist he would have
    performed with. Now that would be some collaboration!! Brilliant version of
    a Marc Bolan classic.

  • Martin’s voice is so warm and you can feel his heart in every song he
    plays. Love you,Mart!

  • Its so funny, he seems like a different singer. He’s so good singing like
    this too, very different then what we all know him from. I love it!!!

  • Hundred and millions of Depeche Mode Fans will be eternaly grateful with
    Mart for so jewel-songs he created to make our lives better than never
    before :D

  • What’s interesting about this video is that it’s just like a YouTube cover
    video – before YouTube was conceived :)

  • I found it today and I can’t do do anything else exept from listening to
    Mart. This is the best voice I’ve ever heard since Condemnation!!! Mart
    please more!!!

  • Beautiful! This made tears in my eyes. I love his voice and I love when
    he’s playing on guitar. Martin forever, DM forever <3 <3

  • Always love people doing Bolan covers – this is a great one!