Martin Gore - Life is strange

I made this video specially for the 45th Martin Gore’s birthday.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I agree, and I miss his crooked teeth actually. I think it gave him more
    character, his teeth look almost too perfect now, but he’s still so sexxxy!
    I love the footage of him dressed up as Bowie — very HOT! Nice video you
    made here to a musical and lyrical genuis!

  • I’ve been looking for the ‘fahion show’ clip thing :( I don’t know what
    footage it’s on or anything :'(

  • WOW Martin is so sexy and cute! even with his crooked teeth! so adorable!

  • Yeah. Today is my 20 th birthday and thinking about life makes me feel
    really strange. He is totally right. and i love it to … dont know what.
    its just immense

  • I remember haveing a big crush on him back in 1984 when I bought «People
    are people»,when I was 20! The footage of him with the black feathers on
    his shoulders looks more like Brian Eno-when Eno was in Rocky Music!All in
    all he’s SO HOT!

  • hmm… my favorite fan-made video. I can’t understand why is it only 4star
    o.o I give you 5 because I really love this ^^ …awesome thanks: The
    Darkest Star

  • funnyy how he never knew he was half black bu his music is soooo bluesy
    especially their biggest hit personal jesus

  • i laughed at this XD its great, well mainly at the catwalk type thing lol
    where did ya get that?!

  • How funny — that’s exactly when my crush started with Martin Gore too! And
    I still have a mad crush on him to this day. I’m sure you understand ;) As
    far as the footage of him with the black feathers, I was thinking Bowie —
    a’la «Aladdin Sane», esp. with the lighting bolt going across his face. But
    regardless, Martin is A-MAZ-ING!!! :)