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  • Fantastyczny, wrażliwy , twórczy facet, dziękuję za głos i poetykę

  • sometimes Martin Gore is the only person who makes sense………..

  • Thanks for this post. Mr. Martin L. Gore = best musician EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe The best musician ever in 20 and 21st century… He plays 7 instruments… A poet of extra ordinary style… send great deep soul ..

  • I hate covers because they are not original. Only Martin Gore can pull this off

  • Thanx bro for honest comments. Martin Gore best you know what

  • Ich hatte das Glück bei diesem Konzert dabei zu sein !!!! Es war genial !!! Martin is a Hero !!!!! Thanks

  • He is so amazing, one the greatest musician of the last 100 years ! His music lingres on for some 100 years. forget techno, forget r ´n´b

  • Peter Gordino is such a talented pianist. But his backing vocals in a question of lust just make me miss Alan so much more. le sigh

  • This is a Counterfeit tour,nothing to do with Depeche,and Gore IS DM,if he goes the band means nothing,DM had been going for over a year before Gahan joined,it was Mart and Vince who started the whole thing!

  • Martin’s always said he would never be a good frontman as he feels something like embarassed when singing…but he’s a good performer indeed. Anyway, Dave is far the most catching man in the world

  • I am sorry, but this sucks. DM is nothing without Dave Gahan. What good are great songs without a great frontman to channel them?? Nothing! And Mart is a terrible frontman. Gahan is sorely lacking!!!!!