Martin Gore - Loverman [Live]

Martin L. Gore – Loverman Ep. [dvdmute322] Recorded live at The Alcatraz, Milan on the April 30th, 2003.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • No entiendo porque Depeche no llamo a Andrew Phillpott y Paul Freegard para producir sus discos, si Counterfeit2 es un discaso!!

  • LOL! I know what you mean. I held on to my posters untill last week. I have one left now, of Martin Gore :D THis version of Loverman is definately the sexiest one, ever!!! Hell, I`d be crawling outside his door any time he`d let me :D

  • I love Nick Cave but Martin’s singing and arrangement is miles away (pun intended) better!

  • Might be no Tom Cruise but F++k me can he perform. Outstanding!!

  • This is my favorite version. After hearing Martin sing it, no other version will do for me.

  • there isn’t a soul alive who isn’t feelin this. martin gore was always the untouchable one. mr. gahan, well, like he said how many times singing “just can’t get enough” can you just not get it up anymore. time to go make out with my dm poster from eighth grade. gosh, i go right back to big eyed and in love.

  • cool cover, but I still think Metallica’s version is by far the best!

  • nah, I think he should stay where he is, keeping doing what he does, soul’s not r’n’b exclusive, you know :D