Martin Gore – Shake the disease at Milan.

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  • Martin is a dark angel blessed with a heavenly voice and remarkable talent.

  • Martin indeed has the voice of a god! I love him so much! But he does seem
    a bit tipsy? Well tipsy or not he is freaking adorable! xD

  • I love this emotional song and this man with his sensitive voice <3

  • Martin Lee Gore is a angel put down to the earth and give us love with his
    beautifull voice and amazing an d powerfull songs……he is the BEST song
    writer EVER…..

  • How can you be not-tipsy when your keyboard player is playing out of a huge
    mushroom ???


  • perfect interpretation, maybe the best and the most sensitive of all. Gore
    IS the soul of Depeche Mode.

  • musical legend,criminally underated……..hes pissed here tho

  • Here is a plea
    From my heart to you
    Nobody knows me
    As well as you do
    You know how hard it is for me
    To shake the disease
    That takes hold of my tongue
    In situations like these

  • this is soooo…………unique in its own right that even Elvis and Mozart
    himself will be amazed and outraged!!!

  • Marti is clean of drinking since 1991, i his a lovely and beautiful man, he
    is my dark of angel with a heavenly voice and lots of talent grts

  • so emontional, Ilove this man <3 <3 <3 martins wonderful voice ,this is a
    great video and song

  • Turned it from a conversation with a lover to a profound heart to heart
    appeal to his most beloved fans.

  • Martin L. Gore .a True musical genius. He has the power to take you from A
    to Z in one song.Thank you for letting as in to your inner being. Thank you
    , you rock and roll clown (Stardust)