Martin Gore (from Depeche Mode) with his guitar… great song… enjoi.

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  • wow. that gave me chills. i love blue dress. i just love how passionate and
    personal he is when he sings. i really haven’t seen another artist bare
    their soul they way he does in his music. brilliant man.

  • What do you mean «original version»? Its just acoustic here, otherwise its
    the same, hm?

  • how can you not love this guy martin gore? he’s a brilliant songwriter. you
    can actually feel his song coming from his heart…with matching golden

  • Some lucky woman got to have this beautiful man sing her to sleep! Wow! and
    she got to have his kids…lucky woman!

  • I mean the version in the violator is diferent,i like much more that

  • I think the in acoustic Violator Tour version Martin sounds better. This
    one sounds nice also.

  • Mart is great even when he gets older he is like wine the older the better

  • Hye Martin ……..thanks for everything ! SEE YOU IN 2009 Jérôme ( France )

  • Blue dress-I wish I was there to hear it person, Martin is such a good

  • Martin is my musical idol. I adore everything he writes and sings. Case

  • I think, he gets respect. I think some people burn with envy and some
    people have a great regard for him, for DM success. And it just happens. I
    think he was never concerned by getting acknowlegement from music industry.
    He just creates his beautiful, amazing songs. He does what he loves. They
    have all the Universe in their hands- that’s what is most important thing
    :D Their songs and music = the eighth wonder of the world :)

  • he is a master!! he can play on guitar, on sintetisator, he can sing, he
    can write songs and lyrics. he is the most talented man ever!! love him..

  • Just at first sight his songs seem to be sad, but really they aren’t :)

  • it’s like he’s trying too hard..seems as though he’s scared to mess up
    almost..if he were to relax and belt it out, i’m sure he could sound much
    much better!! he has a good sounding voice ..he needs to amplify it

  • Es una gran cancion de Violator….pero igual me gusta mas la version