Martin L. Gore – Loverman Ep. [dvdmute322] Recorded live at The Alcatraz, Milan on the April 30th, 2003.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I have a immesurable love for Dave Gahan, but is is very clear that
    Martin’s voice is better, I agree with you. He sings which much more
    passion, technique, and can reach any note he wants.

  • I love this song. its so artistic and pretty but also sad. it reminds me of
    a story of fate that so many rock stars meet

  • @geograpitimous first of all, this is MARTIN L GORE SOLO ALBUM not DM.
    Second, Dave Gahan can sing but Martin’s singing voice is at least 20x
    better, and I think a lot of people would agree…I mean who writes the
    songs and sings the demos the way they are supposed to be for DM in the
    first place??? MARTIN. Don’t take my word for it, listen to live concerts
    where its NOT playback…then compare dave’s voice to martin’s…

  • such a shame I haven’t seen any of his show on this mini tour.
    astounding rendition!

  • “En una aventura de polvo de estrellas, rey de rock hey ‘n roll se ha

  • Un gran concierto de un gran artista!

  • better voice ??? no,just different,but no way no better..both perfect

  • Мартин просто делает так как делает, и мы это любим…

  • I adore this song, too. It reminds me of a song from a local band I
    discovered when I was 13, just before I discovered Depeche Mode for real.
    The band is Pogo Pops- the song is called -The Great Fall, and the
    Youtube-vid can be found here, if you care to listen: /watch?v=5aOizlttvQg

  • @jkfan828 I have seen Dave Gahan live on his solo tour and he was amazing.
    His live voice has a harshness to it that fits perfectly with being a rock
    star. Martin singing songs like John The Revelator, Barrel of A Gun, or
    Personal Jesus would be a joke. They need Dave to bring the balls to DM.
    But he can also sing lighter songs like Freelove and When The Body Speaks.
    DG is 30x better!

  • Sounds like his toes are being crucified! Awful. BRING BACK DAVE GAHAN!

  • Приятно провести вечер! Тепла и положительных эмоций! )))