Martin Gore of Depeche Mode shares the info on rehearsals, tour schedule and what he thinks of their new album.

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  • I feel my life has been so blessed having grown up listening to Depeche Mode

  • i never thought of this before but martin kind of looks a little like keith richards. or if you ironed keith and cut and bleached his hair he might look like martin.

  • Martin speaks so beautifully and slow that you can almost hear the inteviewer shouting inside his head (in that simple american accent that I never liked)
    ‘C’mon! Speak!Speak!Speeeaaaaak Martin!’
    It’s funny.:D

  • For a good laugh, look up Donna by 10cc on YouTube. Pretty funny but at the same time you can kinda hear Martin in it, especially how it goes from high to low singing.

  • I don’t think there is something wrong with the interview. Martin is amazing and I didn’t know his story how he started playing music and stuff. I think the interviewer just asked some questions without doing so much research, but that’s fine with me….

  • Successful artists having to deal with press junkets always complain of the tedium of having to answer the same questions over and over. You can tell by Martin’s responses that he is actually enjoying these questions as they’re about music and not what color socks he wears.

  • Honestly I don’t really see what’s bad about this interviewer.  Not sure what others are seeing.

  • interviewer stick 2 new metal&limp biscuit,DM too cool 4 nobedz,embarrisin………….tip,DO RESEARCH b4 interveiwin legends

  • The interviewer asked some really interesting questions … NOT … what a dickhead.

  • Martin is such a sweet guy,so intelligent and sensitive,i truly love him and respect his work…take care Martin

  • Are they trashing bottles in the background at 4:10? And who is this stupid interviewer? Does he have a clue how important Martin Gore is?

  • The interviewer is an idiot, blew this interview with a high caliber composer and musician

  • C’mon guys, the interviewer wasn’t THAT bad as you all are saying… After reading the comments I was expecting this to be the worst interview ever…

  • I liked the questions, but the interviewer did not seem to be particularly interested in Martin and that really IS disturbing. Love you Martin!

  • This man…utter genius! I don’t understand how he ends up with such a foolish reporter.