From his 1989’s album “Counterfeit e.p”. The song was originally recorded by Joe Crow. COMPULSION Charms in limited supply And refusing to stretch That indef…

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  • I LOVE this album. I used to have the cassette version. It sounds like it could be another D.M. release, but with Martin singing all the vocals. I’ve always been under the impression that all these songs (with the exception of the last tune, “Motherless Child”) were written by Gore himself, being the principal songwriter in DM. Yet he puts his own inimitable style into it.

  • It makes so much sense… “by putting one foot in front of another… cross over the street… got to move on sometimes”! Music like this makes you appreciate music a lot more! I love Depeche Mode/ Martin Gore, David Gahan, and the rest of the band so much!

  • Simply the best, this song,got to move on sometime!!!!!!

  • mmmm confused..i love both versions as i love this song…thinking that if it was taken in a todays studio….

  • Heard this at a dance club last week.. Will be looking back at memories like those years from now

  • Part of the creative genius is simply being able to figure out what works. Behold how simple this all is, but how great it all sounds.

  • od tej plytki i Violatora zaczalem sluchac i czcic DM a byl to rok 1990 bodajze luty lub marzec

  • I wish i would have heard this song when i was a codependent teenager.