Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode).

A tribute to the best songwriter in the world. Martin L. Gore from Depeche Mode. “Somebody” is from the concert 15 July in Leipzig. My latest concert on this…
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  • Thanks to Martin for all these great lyrics/songs! He is a brilliant
    songwritter, hope he will do this many years onward!

  • how come i’m getting to know martin gore only now?…..shit! what an
    amazing man with an amazing voice!

  • The most beautiful and hypnotizing voice! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thank you for a wonderful tribute to the man who writes the music and also
    performs some of the most incredible songs such as Somebody!!!! I have seen
    Depeche Mode live and love them all….hugs & kisses to Martin, David and

  • Martin’s voice is so amazing… Every time I hear this song it gives me

  • Martin is a genius and a poet. Very nice video. Thanks for sharing :)

  • That’ll be Peter Gordeno playing the piano, and yeah he will be touring the
    universe with depeche this year, along with Christian Eigner on drums

  • He seems to be the main force behind Depeche Mode, but I still fucking love
    all of those guys.

  • one of the most beautiful songs ever. i’ve been listening to it for an hour
    and cant get tired of it… i also agree with others, dont like the piano,
    too superficial sometimes.

  • Martin’s voice is so tenderly sensual…and this song…no words to
    explain. only a lot of sensations and good feelings…wonderful…

  • nice pics best lovesong in the world very nice version thanks for sharing
    it ;o)

  • Can we all marry him? Or make up some kind of sharing schedule? LOL.

  • I want not marry him. But his the best songwriter in the world. His music
    and his lyrics make me a fan from Depeche Mode;-). Maybe I want to drink a
    beer with him ;-)).

  • Am I the only one that plays Wheres Waldo trying to find him in the back in
    every song? He always makes me smile :). Love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m in love with him!!!! I wish this little angel waked me up every day

  • Oh Martin you are so beatfully and sweet you are our pice of heaven on
    earth He is such a angle We love you !!!!!

  • Thanks Martin – some of the best music and memories ever!!

  • I just arrived home from the concert, I couldnt believe they played this
    song… I almost cried, I dont want to go to sleep and just keep listening
    to it, its so great!….

  • i saw them 2 days ago in Argentina…..Martin is awesome …i love
    everything about him

  • I recorded myself doing this song and I’d love to hear some constructive
    criticism, good or bad!? If you’re interested, please check my profile. I
    really appreciate it!