Martin L. Gore - Gone (Counterfeit ep)

Martin L. Gore photos.

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  • Best EP ever. This is cult. Thanks for posting. You happened to post this
    song exactly the day I decided to look for it, hehe.

  • Funny how one can almost hear how much influence he has had on the sound of
    DM. Could almost have been a song from either The Masses or Violator. But a
    song, despite him not writing it, everybody should hear at least once

  • love this song! martin is the best songwriter even if he din’t write this
    one XD … so, he’s the best singer, lol good pictures couterfeit is a
    really good album, listening his voice during 6 songs is a plesure (i like
    dave gahan’s voice too ut i prefer martin’s voice) with his counterfeit he
    prove that he can transform any song in a thing that makes your ears happy
    (i don’t know if we can say that in english lol)

  • his eyes are soooooooooooo endearing! and those lips oh my!

  • I met Depeche Mode in 1990. A friend of mine, Michelle Chapman, was dating
    Andrew Fletcher although she never boned him and he was bummed about that.
    After their concert we went backstage. We then went & hung out at their
    hotel suite, ordered a pizza, listened to rap music. Dave boned his
    girlfriend out on the balcony. Alan took a couple girls back to his room.
    Michelle talked with Martin on the bed. I sat across the room, staring at
    Martin. I couldn’t believe it was him.

  • …DM and such lyrics without Martin, all of these years……impossible!!!
    He´s the soul and the sentimental brain of the band, I love his voice and
    his brain and of cause his soul…..I do love Dave and the other guys, but
    they possibly would be nothing without a genious like Martin L.Gore!!!
    (Although it all began with such “Vince Clarke-Sound”…..unbelievable!!!!!

  • i love this song it means soooo much to me, “WHAT IS HIS NAME!” ahhhh, how
    cool is that line. thanks for posting track.

  • Just when I thought I heard alot from Martin, I saw this video and heard
    this song for the first time and it blew me away. Martin really knows how
    to create a great song!!! Respect!

  • Erinnerungen, die mich am leben erhalten…… martin f.s. gore 4ever