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  • although DM is the best band right now, that single from martin kicks everything! feeling, sound… perfect!!! thank you “mr. martin al gore”!!!

  • Best bvercion. La mejor vercion. Mas q la orijinal .apoco no :3

  • With all respect, I think this is better than the original version from tuxedo moon

  • that is why the E.P. was called Counterfeit… all covers. Just saying

  • Martin didn’t write any of the songs on the Counterfeit e.p. this is from wnciii, that’s why he called it Counterfeit.

  • Шикарная песня,и через столько лет её актуальность не упала,наоборот.
    Прослеживается сильно многое от DM,но по ”Мартиновски”
    Аааааааааааааааааа best OF best

  • This is a wonderful version of this song. But be aware that Martin Gore did not write it. Winston Tong (of Tuxedo Moon) wrote it.

  • only Martin L.Gore could give us a brilliant cover of this timeless classic…

  • Haven’t heard this for over 15-20 years!!!!!!! Brought back so many memories.

  • So long ago..but sounds like everything was only yesterday….Thank youy