Martin L. Gore – Oh My Love.
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  • Je découvre cette chanson de Martin….magnifique et magique, que du bonheur 3

  • Martin is simply the best musician of the world. Great hitmaker and also great singer. I would appreviate if he sing more DM songs…

  • How exceedingly beautiful he is such a sensible singer and poet this cover is wonderful !
    Thank you to the uploader for sharing this !!!

  • Lo considero un poeta. Avrei voluto un uomo come lui. Non so come faccia, mi trascina in fondo e mi rialza.Peccato non averlo mai incontrato. Ma il 27 gennaio..aspettami. Ci saro’.

  • Wow, I didn’t have idea Martin make a cover of Lennon. Beautiful :)

  • Completamente de acuerdo. Gahan aporta voz y gran carisma, pero la esencia de DM es lo que es mucho en parte al feeling, a esa vulnerabilidad esotérica de la musica y letra de Martin.

  • TheParissien Hace 1 segundo.
    TheParissien hace 1 día
    feeling much love with this song….♥♥ ♥♥ DM….

  • Every time when i hear this lovely cover, i´m starting to be in a different dimenson and world. This track is amazing and so beautiful… Well, no wonder, thanks to Martin´s great voice.