from A night with Martin L Gore.
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  • I think you should have said “bloody” soccer, …er football game.

  • I always loved that song and that’s put a new twist on it.

  • I’m sure Martin’s the creative genius and is the dynamo generating behind
    the group…he’s a bit shy ….seems like a nice guy,at least he has fun
    doing it..

  • T_T too beautiful.. I love this song! I love Martin! with his voice he can
    speak to the people, to the boss, to the animals too xD he can forward at
    us wonderful sensation.. well, martin is a genius.. :) (sorry if my english
    isn’t perfect, but I’m italian xD)

  • lol. yeah, and shout out and applaud, and generally let loose at a live
    concert. SO annoying.

  • Ah, these “retarded foreigners” had a hell of a lot of fun that night, and
    indeed, Mart had fun too. Why I’m so sure of that? Because I happened to be
    there as well, hon … :) Not in the first row, but actually in the third
    or fourth – close enough to see that he WAS enjoying this. A lot! As for
    the clapping being “out of tune” … it’s not. You may be familiar with the
    fact that on some recordings there’s a slight timediffernce between sounds
    … we did our best to keep in tune. And we did :)

  • Oh God I love him so much… he’s amazing! Martin forever!!!

  • @margeperso @margeperso : Yes it’s turned in to some cheesy package holiday
    cabaret show, lol. Some die-hard clappers trying to keep it up. As you’ve
    probably seen in other renditions of this song it’s a supposed to be sung
    intimately, delicately and with heart and soul..(as you know) .I could
    understand clapping if they did a whole hog version with all the synths etc
    but this…. no! Well done Hamburg…lol :P

  • Fuck Lennon and McCartney, this guy wrote music and lyrics far more
    universal than they ever did.

  • Martin, I love you you are way awesome, but PLEASE let me help you with
    your hair.

  • @DieMenschMaschine85 I like the supposed-to-be version and the version
    clapping is ridiculously funny and non sens for this extra-beautiful song!

  • ANOTHERAKA.. I agree wit you .. this ‘do is NOT a good look for MG…. and
    that see-thru T- shirt is not doing him any favors, either. Very talented
    guy, tho, of course….

  • The closeup features only Martin and a fan. Electric. An artistic choice as
    a metaphor for life or just a really affordable stand-in for me ? ;)

  • just those people clapping with their hands all the time are annoying –
    does not fit the rythm either

  • I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem with it if you was actually there