Martin L. Gore - Stardust

Martin L. Gore – Stardust.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I wish i could find this album on 12″ Vinyl
    one of my all time favorite albums

  • You must be a troll, I have seen this comment on so many Depeche Mode videos lol. They are from England, not Germany. But I’m assuming you already knew that haha.

  • David  Essex’ version beats it by a mile but still he done a decent job of it

  • Dave is the majority voice, but Martin is the sound and soul.

  • Check out martin’s nephews called Basic on my channel, they are great.

  • una de mis canciones favoritas;Martin hace buena musica .

  • Rock and Roll Clown… is he talking about Rockso from Metalocalypse? If so, I am disproven in my prior assumption that is was impossible for me to love Martin any more.

  • I adore this version, what are the chances of ‘Counterfeit 3’ to appear as both 1 and 2 are superb albums.

  • Top. Germany´s second best but least known electric popband.

  • It was about time someone uploaded this great song and video, gotta love Martin L. Gore… a Genius!