M.L.Gore Studio-Tapes,Recorded: 1993 ,Label: EXACTOR MORTIS,Unofficial Release.

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  • heheh… Google-Translator is my Friend.Greetings from Germany!

  • Thanks for listening, it’s great that you’re addicted.I still have a lot of
    old songs.Unfortunately, little time to upload.

  • I heard some ALBUMS** hahaha sorry, and sorry for the fucking bad english

  • I’m not a huge dm fan but i heard some these days and i’m slowly falling in
    love ( before it i was just a “violator fan”, haha ) well, i hear it last
    night on a fan video and now i’m addicted! can’t believe it wasn’t
    released, such a deep and dark song, holy shit!

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  • Definitely a demo from ’83-’85. As for who, exactly, is singing is beyond
    me. The voice is smooth and fluid like Martin’s, but I hear some
    uncertainty which makes me think that these are Alan’s lyrics… Can
    someone possibly isolate Alan’s voice from live recordings? Better yet, can
    someone just contact the man…!!

  • @modervideos101 Translated into German, makes sense both. ;-)

  • @ModeMan101 You can not say exactly whether it is Martin or Alan’s voice.I
    think it is Martin’s voice. Do you know Alan sung songs?

  • The CD Tracks is Wrong! Track 8 is mislabled and is actually “Until You Sew
    The Seed. ;-)….

  • To me, the music sounds like Alan Wilder around 1983-85 (especially In Your
    Memory, but also If You Want or even The Landscape Is Changing). Singing
    doesn’t sound like Dave (or?), and can either be Martin (my guess) or Alan.

  • @Gorette66 Yes! exactly! The fans should work together to the mystery of
    these early works of DM to explore. The easiest way would be if DM itself
    published information. In the form of a book title …… the early years
    and before that DM!

  • Hey guys. How about it’s both Martin and Alan singing together? To me it
    does sound like Depeche. I can be either an Alan or Martin composition, or
    perhaps they worked together on it. I agree it sounds a lot like the
    1983-85 sound, especially if you listeing to other demos from that time.
    Not unsimilar to In your memory or If you want, but Martin too had similar
    bass lines and sounds during the time.

  • @modervideos101 Could be, but the title of the track list is: Until you saw
    the Sea .I hear also: sow the seed!

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  • There’s much hate and stupidity within the Devotee/YouTube community! It
    saddens me greatly. Depeche Mode’s music is supposed to bind us together,
    not tear us apart! Even if this isn’t an official demo, we should still
    respect the song for its message, and the fact that it imitates early-DM’s
    style rather well. Most importantly, we should respect each other.

  • Thanks Drecksheep, didn’t know that one. Oh, and thanks for your sub,