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  • stunningly beautiful. martin, and his ability to sing in such a beautiful voice (and 10 years later, having seen them on september 1st here in toronto, still hitting the high notes), is, i believe, one of the reasons that depeche mode is such a wonderful band. absolutely wonderful. martin sang three songs in toronto, and, as i say, still able to hit the high notes, his voice still impeccable really added to the concert.

  • No special FX, buttons, patches, loops etc … just sheer genius and Voice … awesome.

  • i t must be wonderful for martin to sing his own songs, and put his own twist on it, which he does so beautifully and honestly. This is one band who just seem to get better!

  • Wonderful song, wonderful, i’ve only seen him twice in 32 years. hey ho..

  • It’s amazing, that the same song has a completely different meaning when Dave sings it, and when Martin does.
    But it’s perfect both ways! :)

  • mit der frisur habe ich martin noch nie gesehen… :-O

  • Heard Martins solo Couterfeit2? He is the lyric of DM. Both he & Dave in DM SHINE, can’t compare, but solo, he is an ace of suubstance. Better days my A*s

  • angst eyes tell the story. better dayz Martin, better dayz