New “Everything Counts” update. There are two sounds sampled from the original: the famous metallic-reverberated sound at the beguinning and the previous one…

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  • this rocks I don’t see why anyone would “dislike” this

  • Loved it. I’d love to see you do another one of Depeche Modes earlier tunes
    “Leave in Silence” or, “See You”.

  • Lighten up, not everybody had Martin Gore bread, for all you know the guy
    might have sold his Ford Pinto just to get enough scratch for his phantom
    of the paradise setup..great job..I saw them at dodger stadium when they
    were able sell it out..I think it was “violator tour”?

  • You still need to cover “The Damned Dont Cry” by Visage! Been waiting 3
    years DX5! :P

  • Let me tell you why I dislike it. The sounds sound like from a cheap kid’s
    keyboard – nothing like the original sounds. The intro drum pattern doesn’t
    change when the bass starts, it’s just continuing, like the guy never heard
    the original before. The bass patterns are totally wrong throughout the
    whole song. I understand why some DM-fans are impressed, because they
    recognize the main tunes, but this is
    cheap-wedding-party-organist-standards. Martin Gore would vomit in his
    grave, if he was dead.

  • shut up with these comments this guy is a depeche mode keyboardist!!! Keep
    up the good work.

  • Yep the third note is a few ticks longer than it should be, otherwise
    pretty cool performance..

  • Okay, so im not stupid, good that someone else also heard that :P

  • The sample comes from the Live Album 101. Not the video have
    find the audio version of it!

  • the melody played on the lowest keyb has slightly off timing, also i would
    loose the verb on drumz :-)

  • congratulations :D in a old video interview, Jim Morisson said that, soon,
    a man could play music, alone with his machines you did it (and thanks to
    DM) ;)

  • those 25 people who disliked this video got the their pants blown off by
    the pure RAW unfiltered awsomeness of this video

  • Great work DX5. I was just wondering where you found the beginning
    metallic-reverberated sound without the drum beats. I am working on
    programming this song as well, and I can’t find the sample anywhere without
    the drum beats playing over it. Thank you for all of your help, and please
    keep making great music.

  • Thank GOD for youtube and YOU! I can tell you’ve spent a lot of time with
    your skills and set up, it sounds amazing, I LOVE DM, but not their
    unwillingness to let their too many of their songs out in the Karaoke
    world. Awesome job!

  • ”Everything Counts” and ”Policy of Truth” are two of my favourites DM
    songs and let me tell you that, the way you play them is trully AMAZING.
    Have you ever played ”Things you Said” ? I thing you should try it, I
    don’t have any doubt you would play it excellent . Congratulations DX5 and
    keep rocking !!!