Memories. If a music collection could represent my life, this would be it.

Memories. If a music collection could represent my life, this would be it.

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  • That would be the soundtrack of my life as well! (well, no, I’ll add some bands with same presence like The Cure, New Order/Joy Division, for example and a lot more bands with less presence but still important (too many to mention).

  • Ah, I always love a well laid out DM collection overview like that picture. Wonderful

    Depeche Mode and The Cure went back & forth for my top spot depending on the album and/or my age. Both of those bands were at their utmost peaks during my years in late junior high to early high school, so between DM’s perfect era of Black Celebration, MFTM, 101, Violator and maybe even SOFAD, and then The Cure’s equally perfect era of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Disintegration, Mixed Up, Wish, Show & Paris, it was often a rollercoaster of who I liked more.

    Only later did I realize I could love them BOTH equally — just differently. DM were always my more refined, streamlined and almost clinically perfect synth an dlight industrial band that made me appreciate the photographic side of art more, whereas The Cure were my more scattered, messy, color soaked, swishy guitars w/ piecing vocals alt quasi goth band that made me appreciate the painted abstract side of art more. Collectively, these two did quite a number on how *I* ultimately turned out as an artist & musician later, and how I learned to hybrid those styles & worlds. :)

    Throw in some just as influential albums from the likes of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Sisters of Mercy, Nitzer Ebb, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cult, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ministry, Curve, etc. alongside those iconic/classic albums of the early 90’s we all remember so fondly, and that’s my late teens in a perfect nutshell.

    1985-1995 — that is my «decade» of top influence and I can’t think of a more perfect storm of such endlessly brilliant music. :)

  • The same for me. Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure, The Cure, & The Smiths made up a huge part of my teen years. But Depeche Mode has remained a constant, each album fitting in with every chapter of my life. DM forever <3