After watching GunGeek’s Mosin Nagant Recoil Challenge, I decided to make one as well. Of course it was fun, but I should have gotten a better prone supporte…
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  • I believe if you would hold up on the point of the top round on the clip as
    you push them in you wouldnt have issues with rim lock

  • hey man check out some of Iraqveteran8888 videos on mosin gunsmithing if
    you want to monkey with yours to see if you can get it working better that
    and gungeek did a video on rimlock so check that out too and nice video

  • Lol yeah, he’s a grizzled Vet like me except he’s older. He can’t seem to
    grasp the concept of chargers. Maybe someday he will get the hang of it but
    it’s a slow process lol.

  • Post this as a video reply its really easy just click the box under the
    challenge video. +1 points for slapping a Russian and swearing :) I’d say
    that would be a bad day in 1943 for a German. Father and son gets another
    bonus point! Looks like a fun day at the range and your dad has some grit!

  • Dude, they’re worse. My SKS clips are all Yugo surplus and work awesome.
    You must be using the crappy ones. I know what that’s like.

  • Hey thanks man, I’m going to be uploading the same challenge with my
    Finnish M39 here in a couple minutes. Thanks a lot for watching!

  • great video. I love watching the mosin in action and I think you hit the
    nail on the head for the video. didnt expect so much cosmoline hahaha