A beautiful version of this song from the very gifted Martin Gore of Depeche Mode fame from his brilliant solo effort from 1989 entitled “Counterfeit ep” I m…
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  • @nilbud : sorry you feel this way….you are apparently NOT a Depeche
    Mode/Martin Gore fan ;) I can respect your point of view as I am quite
    passionate about music and love all kinds and I can understand liking a
    more “soulful” version, but as a DM fan of over 25 years, I have a special
    place in my heart for this one

  • Original version comes from Louis Armstrong… But color,sound and darkness
    of DM is in my heart…

  • @montse1350 gracias por envio :))) triste titulo y canción pero muy

  • @ITGator1 Martin L.Gore = Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan = Depeche Mode, Alan
    Wilder = Depeche Mode, Andy Fletcher = Depeche Mode…

  • wonderful ! I love it! Martin have a beautiful voice :)!! thanks for
    sharing it ^^!

  • This is OK but listening to Paul Robeson or Bobby Breen’s versions blows it
    out of the water for sheer beauty and depth of vioice. This voice is far
    too dwarfed by the electronic music. and the volume of sound that the voice
    is competing against. It may not be fashionable but go and listen to
    Robeson or Breen and the lyrics become meaningful.

  • who on earth could resist this wonderful voice!!!! dm for ever!!!!

  • Adotta una gemma, un ciottolo di strada, si equivalgono, provare per

  • @ITGator1 Motherless child is a Accredited to William E. Barton, 1899.
    “Motherless Child”, is a traditional Negro Spiritual originating from the
    old American Deep South. The subject matter is about the children of slaves
    being sold away from their parents into their own life of slavery and
    permanently separated from their natural birth parents. This deplorable
    practice was common in America before the post American Civil War
    Emancipation Proclamation rendered by President Abraham Lincoln…

  • This isn’t DM, it’s Martin Gore when he split from DM and went on his own
    with Counterfeit EP. I am a DM fan and have been since the ’80’s. I didn’t
    find Counterfeit EP until ’91 and was an instant fan.

  • I like this song!!!! When I 14 years old, feeld like a motherless child, my
    Mum is dead I mourned her…. When I singing this song-with Martin-
    thinking my Mum, and I’m grateful my Lord: my Mom was, and I knew

  • @ITGator1 He never EVER split from DM, he simply did a solo album, and then

  • I’m not a depeche mode fan but I liked it..those electric sounds got me. Do
    you have any info for this image? It is beautiful.