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  • That annoying point when your nephew (who’s been a loser forever) gets an amazing girl to fall for him in, like 2 weeks?! God, that basically occured. I am aware I ought to be happy but I want it to be me. He stated he applied the the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I wish to hide out in a cave at present…

  • note to daft punk do a song with dave gahan or martin l gore then you will reach goddom

  • Я тоже) Мартюха секс-агрессор мне нравится гораздо больше лирического Мартюши, страдающего от несчастной любви))) Я давно мечтала увидеть его именно таким. Здорово, что он так раскрылся в этом видео.

  • Лё фантастик! Как же я мог пропустить это.

  • I’ve looked over most of the feedback on here but I just think it’s a solid vid. My brother wants to become astonishing with females. He began to understand alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The advice on getting women from nightclubs in those emails through that site gave got him his first fucks in greater than a number of long yrs. I have been aggravated though because I heard them all. Awful.

  • Song is hot but i don’t like Martins fixed teeth :(

  • This is a massive Club hit. What is wrong with clubs these days?? these song demands to be danced to really people what is wrong with DJ’s these days. Should be a massive success in clubs…………

  • I guess the old depeche mode fans don’t get/like techno. I understand, but Brian Black (Motor) is one of the best techno/electro artists to emerge in recent years.

  • No, I can agree with you there-Depeche Mode has been slipping a bit as of late, but it still doesn’t change my opinion of the band. And I actually love how both their voices sort of mesh together in some of the better songs of the past. Heres hoping there will be an Album 14

  • I have both of his solo albums and VCMG, plus I’m a huge DM fan, so yes I’m very familiar with his work. I’ve really never been that crazy about his voice!… I prefer Dave’s voice in DM. I’m also very disappointed with DM’s recent work, so I was just having a dig! Thanks for your polite response to my caustic comment!

  • As a side note, is it weird that this new artist Macklemore looks just like Martin circa 1987?

  • Have you heard any of his other songs? This is radically different from any other song that he’s been in