It’s a new track from muse! no ok not really but…. (it actually starts @ 0:54). I realized that Map of the problematique and Hysteria had quite a similar c…

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  • could you send me this version of motp? i mean it’s recorded in different
    way that in the album XD i’m looking for this version for so long time and
    i’m desperated, so i decided to write here :D

  • This works because the chorus of hysteria’s key is in C. And also map of
    the problematiques verse and the whole song is also in C. Kinda how music
    works. smart though that you noticed it :)

  • It was off in a couple areas but I don’t know how to make these things
    so…but Matt’s still hot!

  • i must say, ive watched about 10 of these types of remixes now. this is the
    only 1 ive watched til the end :) nice job!

  • this doesn’t have as much views as it should. sounds sweet with the lower

  • Wow, i’m impressed. I didn’t realise the similarness in chords of the songs
    and you’ve done a really good job in producing the two this way, it almost
    sounds like Matt is rapping! :D Great job though, 5* :D

  • Reminds me of a cross between the x-files theme tune and robert miles’s
    (children) Good Effort :)

  • @Muse6634 Thats totally underated for Dom & Chris too.

  • @Lemoman47 Yeah well, TOTALLY UNDERRATED for Dom & Chris. And okay, 4 Matt
    2. ):