This video compares the both riffs of Muse’s «Starlight» (2006) and Coldplay’s «Charlie Brown» (2011). Whats your opinion on it More: Against Me’s «Thrash Un…
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  • Matt bellamy and coldplay is best friend he make «fix you» songs together

  • Clocks sounds live New Born! And Viva La Vida sounds exaclty like
    Satriani’s If I could fly! Thats what i meant :P

  • woow sounds the same but speed up! love both songs!!! soo incredibly
    beauiful great songs! starlight will always be my nr1 though

  • 4th September 2010 — Lancashire Cricket Club. I saw coldplay the year
    before at the same venue. I over exagerated by saying coldplay were ten
    times better, but i definitely remember the events of their concert more
    than muse. I felt quite chlostrephic at muse and they didnt do much to
    interact with the crowd. It is all personal opinion and i do like muse’s
    songs. I was just saying that coldplay were better; if you have seen
    coldplay and muse then you can compare them in your own way.

  • New Born came before Viva La Vida! New Born (2001) Viva La Vida (2007)

  • Haha sure. Chris Martin and Matthew Bellamy are good friends. Actually
    Chris loves Muse’s music. Search it on google ;)

  • They don’t sound very similar. Listen to the guitar part in the middle of
    Coldplay’s Moses. That’s where it sounds very similar. And I’ve seen Muse
    live, so trust me, I’ve listened to a lot of their songs «like 100 times.»

  • Love both songs, but I noticed the similarity the moment I heard Charlie
    Brown. Well spotted!

  • It’s got a similar structure/progression, but it is different with the
    pacing and choice of notes.

  • This actually makes sense why Charlie Brown is my favorite track from Mylo
    Xyloto :D

  • Umm? I know? I didn’t see any copying in the latter from the former.

  • The way Matt Bellamy sings it does sound similar to the riff in Charlie
    Brown,but I do not see any resemblance in the instrumentals

  • please dont start a fight between coldplay and muse :S or there will be 3rd
    World War