Music podcast - Violator episode

Hi all — a friend and I have started a podcast where we’re listening to every UK number one album from the 1990s in order and talking about whether or not they stand up to the test of time. And for our latest episode we have cheated a bit (because it only reached number 2) and we focus on Violator.

We can be pretty sniffy about some of the albums we’ve had to listen to but we both love this one so it’s one of the more positive episodes for sure!

I know this is cheeky as hell and I’ll understand if this post gets taken down for self-promotion but I do genuinely think DM fans will enjoy listening to it so if it sounds up your street then please feel free to check us out.

Here’s our [website]( with all the relevant links to download or stream as you fancy, or you can stream it directly from there as well.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy listening!

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