MusiCares honored Chris Cornell at the 3rd Annual MAP Benefit show and David Gahan, Alice Cooper and a few Chili Peppers were all on hand.

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  • John Frusciante and Dave Gahan GODS OF MUSIC!! members from my 2 fvourite
    bands :D

  • :O Dave Gahan is my boyfriend!!!!!! I cant belive hes here!!! ***SCREAMZ***

  • @kuketz Doesn’t is sound amazing? Music giants on one stage… I wish one
    day I could hear Cornell, Vedder, Gahan, Patton and maybe Bono singing
    together plus Frusciante, the Edge and Gore on the guitars, Flea on the
    drums… it would be a massive gig ! Maybe some charity event will make my
    dream come true… hope so… Btw. what a funkin’ version of Personal
    Jesus…! ! ! Mr Gahan, you rock!

  • Depeche mode is prolly the biggest band in the world today besides U2.

  • dave i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and depeche mode devote forever!!!

  • sweet «john was asked to do ittt, umm, then I was asked to do ittt and then
    we was both kinda like ‘well is john doing ittt…'» haha

  • Chris is so cute…its a dream come true to see these two gods together:
    Chris and Dave…

  • Depeche Mode its reallyti neta its wonder no rupture pless, Dave Gaham
    forever DM forever!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Dave with John! I’ve got some
    photos of them together on the stage and..ufff.. they met recently, they
    became fast friends.John told to Dave he knows to play each song from
    Depeche (!!!) Dave sent him part of «Saw something» to try it
    and………… honestly who can say everything that JOhn does isn’t simply