My 4 Favorite Albums

My 4 Favorite Albums

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  • Before anybody says it…

    Black Celebration and Violator are definitely in the 5th and 6th spots.

  • Huh, well that is certainly an interesting combination, that’s for sure. I respect it.

    That’s what is so great about DM – so many different iterations, styles and eras for fans to mix & match. Heh, honestly, I almost wish MY top choices were also that random vs. the usual predictable grouping that most of us do.

  • I really like your choices! I’d say that my favorites are about the same.

  • Some Great Reward is absolutely one of their best, I feel that it gets overlooked in favour of Black Celebration too often. People will often say BC is where they started to go down the darker route, but it was already very prevalent on SGR. If You Want might also be one of the coolest concert openers the band has ever done, wish they didn’t abandon that song… and every other song from this album.

  • Fabulous. I love all their albums, each is so different and unique, which demonstrates the creative genius of Martin L. Gore 🖤