My Depeche Mode Playlist 🌹

It’s raining here in Southern California so it‘s a perfect day to share my personal Depeche Mode playlist with all of you devotees! I included some of my favorite songs from Martin and Dave’s solo projects and some Recoil songs as well! Also some my favorite live performances and few remixes.

Don’t worry I’m alive and well thank God! I just named it funeral playlist because that’s what I wanna hear when I die :)

I just love how I started with Pimpf and end it with Enjoy the Silence (Harmonium Mix).

Yes I did include “What’s Your Name” and “The Meaning of Love.” Those are my guilty pleasure songs!!

Also the NLMDA Aggro Mix is such a banger and underrated💃🏻

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  • Fantastic playlist! Thank you for sharing it.

    I like how you’ve arranged the songs — a different take on how I would have done it, for sure! Great work, have given it a follow.