I´m a Proud fan of Depeche Mode
This time i used , Korg ESX, Behringer Deepmind, Novation Mininova and sequenced Korg Monologue.
Vocals with Rode N1
All recorded at L´Assaig ( Massanassa , Valencia , Spain )
Mixed at 7th. Heaven Studios , Russafa , Valencia , Spain

Source by Hard Veredict

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  • @tetsnical358: proud to use japanese technology. 聞いてくれてありがとう

  • @kenny-hultqvist: I have great joy in knowing that someone who is so far away has dedicated part of their precious time in listening to my games, and also comments. I have heard part of your games, and I find them very nice, and with a quality that I admire. many thanks friends

  • @shabboo-harper: Thanks so much !!! Still i have to make some changes, mAYBe soon therte will be a new version. My transition to hardware synths is done

  • Very peculiar, harsh synthetic/glitch sound design. Specific mood of the track. Good cover. :)

  • Very fine instrumentation on this one, Kike. Great digital effects too. This is a very cool cover, my friend. :)