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  • I don’t know how many each sub does as I haven’t measured the separate
    parts of my system, but both subs and all four speakers can achieve about
    135Db. I have a video on here of them doing over 130Db, I would take more
    but I’ve managed to lose my decibel meter : Shame, as I’m interested what
    I achieve in my car. I estimate I hit the mid 140’s with my car set up,
    will have to post a video one day.

  • Ought to purchase you a Aren AzeunTec Forte 7.1 Audio card. 128.8Khz
    Sampling (best in industry) D/A converter of 120dB level (best in industry)
    20K2 audio processor 64MB DDR2-667 intergrated ram 133mhz Processor
    supporting 128 sounds You’d lol at the quality difference between
    intergrated and this card. Really lol. At even the highest volume the
    “hissing” is totally absent. Built in Crossovers and Break out boxes for
    upto 20 input/outputs. Just be prepared to dump Xbox prices

  • That’s not even a system mate… IT’S A FUCKING CINEMA xD

  • There’s nothing wrong with the 360 at all, I really like it as well. I
    would have bought one but I haven’t really had the spare cash of late. I
    use my mates quite a bit, but I do have a preference for the PS3, just
    seems a bit more of a ‘high end’ product, so to speak, plus the exclusive
    games are more my type compared to the 360’s, but there are a few of those
    I would like to own too.

  • Okay – so as I clicked on this I figured….well what a dumb idea for a
    video – some guys sound system playing a great Gahan song. HOWEVER – I
    gotta tell ya – thats a fantastic sound systme you’ve got set up! There’s
    something beautiful about seeing great equipment paired with great music.
    It just shows – you shouldn’t judge a youtube video by its title! Nice

  • lol, well its tru, the ps3 is more high end, with a better HDMI,
    morpowerful processor, etc. hay just woundering, how many dbz does your sub

  • As long as your neighbours are angry, it means your sound system is good

  • :( i only hav 360 and i <333333 ur system its sexxy O.O i only got a
    logitech z2300 XD

  • Man, I’d definitely have to reposition those speakers, if they were mine ;)
    Pushing them right up against a wall really isn’t good for frequency
    responce, doing so would cause a lot of flat and dead frequencies. Well, at
    least now I know I’m not the only Pendulum hater about though! ;D

  • Hell no. And try and refrain from mentioning that band in my video comments
    again, Pendulum’s new music style sends horrible shivers down my spine :(
    Dave Gahan is/was the vocalist in Depeche Mode.

  • Thanks! Yeah, just a shame I can’t put the TV in the center, previously I
    bolted and glued in the wall brackets with industrial stuff and now it’s
    stuck there :S

  • omg i see as ps3, that must b epic to play with that set up O.o

  • shit man mine goes up to 100Db O.o MAXX and sadly im to young to have a car
    XD only 14 :( but 130?!?! mine cracks my dry walls danm your neibors must
    HATE you

  • FIRST VIEWER!!, see ye changed ya setup. You done it realy nice again