Need help identifying and finding version of "A Question of Time" on Spotify

Casual DM fan here. I’m not familiar with the remixes and b-sides and stuff and could use a little help.

I use Spotify Canada. For the longest time, [this]( was the version of «A Question of Time» that appeared on the *Black Celebration* album on Spotify. Recently, it was changed to a slower version with an instrumental intro. I want to listen to the faster version again, but I can’t find it anywhere on Spotify. Am I going crazy? The remix on *The Singles 86>98* album on Spotify sounds more similar to the faster version I linked, but it’s not the right one.

TL;DR: What is [this]( version of «A Question of Time» called, and where can I find it on Spotify?

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  • This should be the one on Singles 86>98, here in America it is. The one with the instrumental intro is the proper version from Black Celebration.

  • I have never heard the version on youtube before. Only the one on BC on Spotify right now, thought that was the original one (maybe it is). The youtube on seems to be one semitone higher though. Strange, sounds like a demo or something…