Neuroticfish – A Greater Good
Neuroticfish - A Greater Good

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  • @azrael2393 (continued) crap is just part of the RIAA’s moral crusade
    against “pirates” (who the artists actually make more money off of, because
    they’re more likely to attend concerts and buy merchandise, studies show).
    You can pretty much ignore everything the RIAA has to say. As a measure of
    how out of touch with reality they are, they are currently trying to sue
    someone for damages totaling over the GDP of the entire world combined.

  • A finally someones uploads “A Greater Good”… R.I.P. Neuroticfish, idk why
    a great project like this one would disband!!!

  • @youwishyouhadmysn you really don’t get it asshat, do you? There’s no
    response possible at this point. It’s not even what we are discussing
    about: we are discussing the reason why Sasha decided to call it quits, and
    those were very simple… music is not a viable business anymore, at any
    level. The only thing left to do, now, is to at least trying to limit the
    damage, i.e. letting idiots like you post lo-fi shit because they feel
    entitled to do so as “true fans”.

  • This reminds me heavily of Wolfshiem,actually alot alike.

  • @azrael2393 They can sell great singles now. No more need for albums. The
    entire model has changed. Artists can now concentrate on producing that
    huge hit single and make all the money off of it before it is ripped. Then
    they can work on the next one great song. No more filler songs for albums.
    Look how GaGa does it. Evolve or die.

  • @youwishyouhadmysn please carry on, your ignorance is amusing: get the
    hint… I have my band’s music for free on YouTube because I decided so, to
    circumvent the increasing problem of low quality rips being uploaded with
    terrible “videos”. I was the one making the choice. Get the difference?

  • what compels 1 let alone 3 people to come to this music and become so
    disgusted that they feel it completely necessary to make their difference
    in taste known, by disliking it…

  • @justgotsnif4 thanks for bringing that to the attention of the haters, jerk.

  • @azrael2393 Hold on, that’s your band that you have all over your channel?
    Right after you were complaining about music being available for free on
    Youtube? I see hypocrisy knows no borders.

  • Wow this was missing from Youtube for the LONGEST time, awesome choice for

  • Really??? Oh please let it be true…then life would be bearable again

  • @azrael2393 You really don’t get it, asshat, do you? Youtube videos don’t
    cost you sales. They gain you recognition. I’m willing to bet that there is
    a significant number of people who never would have heard of you if it
    wasn’t for Youtube. Are they lost sales if they don’t buy your album? No,
    because they wouldn’t have heard of you anyway. Are they potentially new
    customers? Yes, if you have anything for them to listen to that they like.

  • @AnothrMornngStnR Well i guess there is always a time to say good
    bye….maybe they wanted to try other things in life….

  • I like how 1(+) little asshole had to spite a top comment and be a troll.

  • @Wahsayah hahahaha I know I was just about to say that until I saw your

  • Catchy as hell and brilliant lyrics. Love this band so much.