Neuroticfish – Prostitute
Neuroticfish - Prostitute

An awesome song by Neuroticfish.

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  • This sounds a lot like VNV Nation also who is the singer?

  • about the things you have to try you always see me from behind always think
    that i am kind expect that i may see whatever you have planned for me When
    all is sealed and signed you prostitute your mind when all is sealed and
    signed This is not a noble game and i am not the one to blame feel free to
    conquer me but what you want i’ll never be the little things you want to
    know make me big and make me grow expect you’ll never see the face behind
    my decency

  • dont blame me if im wrong, but it seems like they start again :D (roumors
    going around)

  • @HighRiseChateau Yeah he’s actually my bridge partner. Plays a good goddamn
    game o’ bridge, I’ll tell yeh what.

  • @Bouldepression …or we could just ask him and find out once and for all.
    Anyone here know Sascha Klein’s email? lol

  • I discovered this amazing song in the french magazine ” D-Side”, in 2002.
    I’m very happy to find it here. Thanx to U Zombieharvester! Neuroticfish

  • @ExperienceOsiris maybe u can look vnv nation namnambuu and diorama :D

  • @HighRiseChateau ” It’s saying people who hire people for sex do so because
    they can’t find an actual lover, either because of lack of attractiveness
    no girl skills. Not saying whether or not I’m against prostitution, just
    saying this song is” Uh, that sounds like exactly what you were doing dude.