Neuroticfish — Velocity

  • I like that there’s a song with the phrase «kicks my head.»

  • What the flying-thee-way-fuck is it with this pack of retarded numbskulls?
    (youtube commenters.) No really? How exactly so much stupidity can be
    concentrated in one place without a moronic collapse in to a singularity of
    fuckwittedness occurring I just don’t know! If you are going to sit around
    and argue such important subcultural issues as «is somebody who self
    identifies as Goth, really a Goth?» then please kill yourself now. I’ll
    help drive you to the nearest bridge.

  • @daidabus agree yet u fgt to saii spirit too so looks like we both are real
    to this awesome culture or we wouldn’t be here listing to this :)

  • Agreed! I was also a deep in the scene rivethead in the 90’s (i’m 37 now)
    and already then i would listen to whatever rocked my mood. I still do.

  • neurotic fish. the Linkin Park of industrial. As In these songs never get

  • @Ranour people that tell people they’re arguing over who is goth are the
    REAL posers.

  • @AbsinthianEnvy Wanna know how to not be goth anymore? Stop thinking people
    give a shit if you’re sad and get a fucking life. Then come listen to this
    song simply because it’s good, not because it might fall into some bullshit
    category of music.

  • «A real Goth wouldn´t call himself a goth» what fucked up logic is that?
    Fucked up hipster wannabes with their fucked up scene rules… Hilarious
    and retarded.

  • @IrishCzechman lol wow- way to make assumptions about someone you don’t
    know… You’re wayyyyy off in your assumptions. That’s cute.

  • bad ass music too bad there wont be anymore of this anytime soon :(