Thought I’d make a remix for my mum, one of the biggest fans of Depeche Mode :)

Source by Charlotte Hayes Music

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  • as conventional you do sublime tracks. This is smooth and hype concurrently. Best of both worlds.

  • nice sounds, so chill and pretty well produced, it lacks some progression tho

  • really smooth track. nice instrumentation choices. like the pace of the production. the track carry’s a nice energy. the bass is tight… like the vocals as well. adds a nice touch

  • This is a really dope remix. I like the clean spaced out vibe and the lead is very epic. Keep it up

  • Great uplifting dancey progression! solid beats and energy! Vocs sit well in the mix! nice clear sounds and flow!

  • me encanta el remix, una pasada con las voces de los depeche, gran aporte, esto me sirve para intros y demas… gracias por el aporte

  • Quality remix.Youve revived a retro sound and modernized it.Really good work on this.Good ambient track

  • Very nice remix, the vocals work very well with the beat and you havent added too much in, depeche mode needs space for the vocals

  • @mhytee: She does love it! Thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • im sure your mom loves this! i can tell you put a lot of effort into this remix. its all very well done!

  • @audio-smash-1: Wow, what an awesome comment! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and glad you love this remix! :)

  • Wow shit, I really like this. The melody is moving, the kick sound and clap is great. Wow, I just really love the melody. The ambient synths are a great atmospheric blend :3 Excellent blending and mixing of the sounds, very crisp. I love this remix. I love this remix, AND I love Depeche XD Keep it up ;3

  • I really liked the minimal feel to this track. the electro style drums mix well with the vocals from the original too

  • Nice chill track. i love the vocals very chill.The claps were cool,but i think some reverb could be added.The chords are nice and full.Nice production.

  • Hey, this song is really sick. i really like the arps and the really chilled out vibes. The drums sound crisp and the vocals sound solid..

  • this is really cool. The kick is big. Great flow to this as well. Great work

  • @leandro-yamamoto-officia: Thanks :D i’m pretty pleased with it! :)