Above the uncut video of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box Under: the original known broadcast MTV video. Just for kicks, check out the broadcast version of the vid…

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  • what a hater :) maybe I’ve seen but cant remember. some people dont watch
    mtv mate, and I wonder how many polish band do you know? because I live in
    other country than Nirvana was from and we dont have them on TV too often.
    I see you have problem with me or something but I dont care :)

  • I said that I’ve seen uncensored version first, how does it make me living
    under a rock? :D Live in your censored world :)

  • And before you download this uncut edition you had never seen this epic
    music video? Lived under a rock or what?

  • Its sad you havent had internet until 2006… and that you need to watch
    MTV to discover music.

  • You dont have to watch to MTV to see the original music video of Heart
    shaped box. And now you are going to compare some polish bullshit band with
    the legendary band NIRVANA? U must use some bad drugs?

  • I watched the top, uncut video ON TELEVISION about 20 years ago…. Are you
    saying that you saw the censored version before the video was even released?

  • So you haven’t seen this music video clip just 13 years after his release
    for the first time? And in 2006 you saw this music-video for the first time
    in your life in the Anton Corbijn uncut edition? ROFLOLLL!! Where did it go
    wrong in your life boyyyyy?

  • For me the one above is original and was first version I’ve ever seen :)

  • Because that means before 2006 you have not seen the MTV ‘version’ of this
    epic song.

  • ooooooooooooo big deal I think every Nirvana fan or that follows the band
    would have seen the uncut and the commercially released version you are a
    total moron I don’t need no how you get 19 thumbs up definitely clicking on
    the thumbs down as there is zero and to the comment below this is something
    seriously did go wrong with him