Album: Industrial Complex (Limited Edition) (2010) – Please If You Like It, Buy It! –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I miss the deepness of the Depeche Mode sound….since Alan left the
    band… Now the Sound of DM is banal….

  • Fucking sick. I need a shower after this. Alan Wilder proves once again he
    is the God of all thing electronic.

  • Daniel Miller (the owner of Mute) was actually very involved in the
    production of DM’s albums up to and including Music For The Masses
    (together with Flood and Gareth Jones, who were already by then great
    producers). So I’m not sure how much Alan contributed. Martin wrote prety
    much everything and Fletch …. he was Fletch :P

  • I already thought the original was very Modish. This is pretty good too

  • I believe the lyrics are actually “How will we know when you are done and I
    am undone”

  • that would been awesome cd instead VCMG vince clarke and martin gore get
    AWMG alan wilder martin gore ;)

  • MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL, SENSATIONAL i love Nitzer Ebb tunes, love this
    FUTUREPOP tune

  • Alan Wilder is a genius….!!!! It’s a tragedy, that he’s no longer with DM
    together…!!! :-(((

  • That doesn’t make sense because those aren’t the lyrics. It’s actually
    “”How will we know when you are done and I am undone”

  • Alan Wilder is so missing on Depeche and he´s the best Synthi-Man ever ;)

  • DM have always changed and re-invented, challenged themselves. Before or
    after 1995. Don’t tell me Ultra was bad, please!

  • @ZombieDragQueen yea but he was always the one pushing to give them a
    gritty edge. he did most of the work on the album version of In Your Room
    and the non-spanish taster version of To Have and to Hold, not to mention
    he and flood were basicly responsible for enjoy the silence being a dance
    hit instead of a quiet lullaby song like waiting for the night. they also
    said he even taught them classical keyboard things like how they could make
    a chord have more emotion.

  • An awsome remix for an awsome song! I loooove it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!