From the album Mirror Buy the song on iTunes: Lyrics As a thirst becomes a sickness And desire is all yo…
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  • Beautiful pictures and enchanting music , thanks for sharing. Have a
    blessed day !! ♥♥ ~ Maggie ~ ♥♥

  • Fantastic new video dear shiva, Beautiful music you have chosen too. great
    photos !! hugs, Roger

  • Amazing creation Shiva! Thank you so much! A pleasure to watch and listen
    to. Happy week!

  • Realmente bello ….Que tengas un bonita semana …Un abrazo de Olga
    ..____/)❤__❤_______./¯»»»/’) ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯’_„„„„)

  • SHIVA, a awesome song, together with this beautyful slideshow-another great
    work!! namaste’ Doc

  • Wonderful song dear Shiva. It’s so strongly perceived you were at your best
    trying when spending time in making this video which is truly sublime and
    beautifully musical. Much LOVE !!!

  • a delight for me to see your wonderful videos. My congratulations as always
    and my wonder at such creativity. I send you a hug and my friendship always

  • Thanks, always, Shiva, for sharing such lovely manifestations from your
    vivid and beauty-filled imagination. Love & Huggs <333 Namaste

  • Beautiful mysterious lovely romantic! I get all of these things & more when
    I watch your vids Shiva. :)) Fabulous song powerful love ballad & the
    pictures Wow! dreamy sweet love the cool scenes I picture myself in each
    one & the gorgeous women I picture myself next to each one too. lol ;) I
    wish. Shiva sweetheart you bring us beautiful feelings with your vids it’s
    a special gift you have. I feel the nostalgia too all the time,wish I could
    find me a time machine. ;) Love you precious! xoxo ♥ :))

  • Wonderful and special work as always! Excellend and emotional dear
    Shiva..Compliment! Thank you for sharing..hugs:)*

  • I like it so much this video, amazing song, thank you for sharing the
    video! great work …. thumbs up!! this is art

  • It’s a pleasure to watch and listen…:) Many greetings and sunshine to you
    for the weekend…:) Moa

  • So beautifully done . The heartbreak and suffering that is in this world is
    sometimes taken for granted as are all the good things we have! The song is
    clear as a bell in the message and the frames are well chosen. Hermina

  • Wow ! Just beautiful dearest Shiva ! VERY nice work my friend ! warm
    regards ~Wagner

  • Gorgeous I love this song and your video dear Shiva Congratulations Eugenia

  • Thank you dear Shiva for sharing this stunning video with the wonderfful
    and touching song and your dreamlike pictures. As always an excellent
    editing, created with art and feeling. I hope you’ll see many ☼ sunny
    moments brightening up your corner of the world … I’ll send you a smile
    and my best ♣ ☆ ☾ wishes, ♡ƸӜƷ ᴴ ᵘ ᵍ