Nullsleep — Depeche Mode Megamix (full length)
Nullsleep - Depeche Mode Megamix (full length)

Now that Youtube allows videos up to 15 minutes, I was finally able to upload the full length of the remix. Enjoy :) Artist: Nullsleep Title: Depeche Mode Megamix …

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  • Absolutely love this track. Listen to it all the time while I’m driving,
    very well done.

  • Who the hell gives a damn if its smooshed together or whatever reason you
    come up with. This is 8 bit. Don’t like it don’t listen to it. but for the
    people who do like it, keep it up.

  • Eh… this is pretty cool, good effort and all… but most of these songs
    were already basically chiptune in their original form, and they sounded
    better. This feels empty without any bass lines. I’ve been really into
    Depeche Mode lately, particularly the album Speak and Spell, and this just
    doesn’t do it justice. But I definitely applaud the effort.