It’s another important battle for song supremacy. This video has Depeche Mode versus Marilyn Manson in a battle for the song Personal Jesus. Which version is better? Tell me in the comments.

This was inspired by Priscilla Presley’s book Elvis And Me, where she described their relationship. Martin Gore of Depeche Mode said: «It’s a song about being a Jesus for somebody else, someone to give you hope and care. It’s about how Elvis was her man and her mentor and how often that happens in love relationships — how everybody’s heart is like a god in some way, and that’s not a very balanced view of someone, is it?»

If you know some interesting facts about this song or about Depeche Mode or Marilyn Manson, let me know in the comments. Let me know when you first started listening to each band, if you’ve ever been to their concerts, if Marilyn Manson or Dave Gahan is your dad could you imagine?, anything.

I do NOT own the rights to both songs.

Song 1: Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode; Reprise Records
Song 2: Personal Jesus written by Depeche Mode; Reprise Records, Performed by Marilyn Manson

To my nephew Jaden Alejo who edited this video. I love you son, job well done.