Perfidious Words — Bonus DVD„Feel Like Me“

Tracklisting DVD:
01-Intro (Live in Germany)
02-Veil Of Secrecy (Live in Germany)
03-SomeWhere Must Be Heaven (Live in Germany)
04-Mystify Me (Live in Germany)
05-Sickliest Creep (Live in Germany)
06-Halt Mich Fest (Live in Germany)
07-Spreading Silence (Live in Germany)
08-Take Me Back (Live in Germany)
09-Into My Arms (Live in Germany)
10-Another Day (Live in Germany)
11-Without Pride (Live in Germany)
12-Ruined (Live in Germany)
13-Sickliest Creep (Live in Italy)
14-Without Pride (Live in Italy)
15-Another Day (Studio Session)
16-Swallowing My Body (Studio Session)
17-Halt Mich Fest (Studio Session)
18-Another Day (Unplugged Studio Session)
19-Spreading Silence (Video Clip)

Label: Trisol Music Group GmbH
Vertrieb: Soulfood
EAN: 4260063943447
Trisol Nr.: TRI 344 CD
Format: CD+DVD
Release: 28. August 2009