This is my FIRST video EVER so please please PLEASE be nice!! The song is titled «Play» and it is by Neuroactive I do not own any rights to the song they go …

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восемнадцать − четыре =

  • @gypsywolf18 lol you are very welcome, I will try to add more hard to find
    songs in the future so please keep checking im

  • Thanks for the upload. My favourite Neuroactive track. Brings back
    memories. Not all good memories, but very emotional…… i was just the

  • This is great. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of them. A lot of Depeche
    Mode influence for sure. The Junior Boys sound a bit like these guys.

  • @LibitinaDream Parallel is the first Neuroactive song I ever heard and it
    made me become a huge fan of them instantly. Original versions are much
    better than these remixes. Parallel is a dreamy song, with an amazing vocal
    melody and such a great intro. It’s refreshing to find people that
    appreciate these bands, it’s been years with only a few videos in

  • love it!! its such a good song im sooo glad someone finally put it on
    YouTube!! thanks Libitina!!

  • @rivethead2007 i think we were all a sidekick at one point in our lives or
    another, it happens to the best of us weather we wish to admit it or not. I
    am glad you stopped by and enjoyed the upload and i hope that in the future
    you wont be just «the sidekick»

  • Same thing around here! Neuroactive is one of my favorite bands and I never
    could find «Play» or «Parallel»…