One of my faivorite song by Depeche Mode – pleasure to play and cover!)) My own music at
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  • Hey guys) what are you talking about? its never been G- F#))))

  • i’m a big fan of DM and… it is a Wonderful cover ! thumbs up !

  • Should have responded earlier, but thanks. You really shed some light into
    it. Bad thing is my synth (Casio xw-p1) doesn’t have any good bagpipe
    sounds, the only ones sound like crappy accordions. I’ll most likely buy a
    new synth with sampler capabilities (any recommendations), sample the good
    xw-p1 sounds then sell it. I’m currently working on recreating Black
    Celebration. xwp1 is not making it easy, its funny, it won’t do delay on
    the “ting-ting-ting” part; I’ll find a way. Thanks anyway.

  • Wow that’s awesome, lucky. Would you by any chance know how to recreate the
    G-F-G-Bb-G-G riff. It sounds like some king of wind instrument, like the
    oboe, being distorted. It’s being bugging me that just can’t come close to
    recreate it because i don’t know where to start.

  • Thanks, yes it sounds very much like bagpipe sample and you can archive
    pretty close results to sample one note and mess with right key root, but
    you need to cut or decrease actual attack sound and loop it to get this
    vibrato sounds. And add some distortion, but i dont wonder if Depeche used
    just synth sound on this. But Actual tembre sounds like bagpipe) Cheers

  • Thanks! Yes i think Comeback is great for cover in future maybe!!

  • Please . Where did you get Alan Samples . Can you help me. You are great !
    I want play in my home the same ! Please help me !

  • Some from Alan Wilder auction disk, some from remixes combined with my own
    samples and a lot of Fx stuff like reverbs and delays

  • Would you please ask .. Where Can you help ensure that I will home that I
    have a midi keyboard. Believe me, you make me very, very happy. I would
    like to learn by watching a little bit your perfect .videos.. Thank you
    very much for your interest. I’m 46 years old. Turkish mother tongue.
    Turkey love your talent…..Thank you..

  • I use Reason and Sonar for this covers.All samples loaded in Reason
    nn-xt(that have multiple outputs) and i use sonar for backing
    tracks(drum-bass-sequence stuff)

  • Hey – in this cover i used Reason NN-xt sampler and VMK 188+ midi keyboard