Das Making-Of des Depeche Mode Covers.

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  • *whole year :) response *space* time :) I *shall/will go to sleep :)

  • And for this comment you need a hole year? Wow, THAT is way stupid, isn’t
    it? I go to sleep, please wake me up after another year of responsetime…

  • And this proves that you folks know absolutely nothing about either Laibach
    or Rammstein. Sigh. How stupid.

  • Laibach also provokes for sheer effect. They say so in their song “WAT”.
    “We shall give you nothing. And in return, we’ll take even less.”

  • I just checked out the 18 comments and it’s all about fighting?? shut the
    **** up and listen


  • It would be great for the non german-speaking to upload the videos with
    their english subtitles. But great job anyway ;-) Thanx !

  • i wish i could say this to my girlfriend…. “let me see you stripped!!”

  • Guy you’re such a dumbass, you comment is completely bullshit :) listen
    your laibach, cry and think rammstein has stolen the ideas, you’re simply a
    stupid guy.

  • You’re maybe the idiot, because you call other people idiots. Why do you
    call them idiots? Because you can’t understand why they do what they do?
    They always provoke. Not only for the sheer effect, they do it to make
    people think about many things like sex, love and death. It’s ignorant to
    see things from only one viewpoint.

  • @bunnyrocks69 He says “down to the bone”, ’cause in the original song
    Depeche Mode sings “Let me see you stripped down to the bone” but in
    Rammsteins version it’s just “let me see you stripped” because it was
    better to sing for Till ;) That’s what Richard is explaining here ;)

  • The interview is the perfect proof that Rammstein are idiots when they
    provoke. They provoke for nothing but the sheer effetc. There is no
    intellectual background to it, or *any* background! Dumbasses! They steal
    from LAIBACH but do not learn anything from them.